Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thomas Land

Madeline’s good friend Tyler turned 4 today. For his birthday, his family took him to Thomas Land, which is part of an amusement park not too far from Birmingham—about a two hour drive from here. The Thomas Land section is aimed at younger kids and is, obviously, Thomas the train themed. Madeline and I were asked if we would like to join them. It ended up being a good thing that we did, as their car broke down a few days before the trip was scheduled. So I drove our car, with Madeline, Charlotte, and Tyler, while Tyler’s grandpa drove his car with grandma, Stephen, and Liberty.

We had a good time, and enjoyed the sunshine that we were once again blessed with (it’s been ridiculously sunny here lately—almost as if England is trying to convince me that I should miss it or something…). The kids had a great time riding all the rides, playing at the big playground, and walking through the little zoo that were all part of the amusement park. And Charlotte was nice enough to accompany Madeline on the rides I wasn't sure would be good for my 5 ½ month pregnant body…!

Happy birthday, Tyler, and thanks for sharing your day with us! Madeline will miss you when we move home.

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