Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Hemispheres at One Time!

One of the places I told Bill he had to take me before we moved out of England was Greenwich. As a Geography major and former cartographer, I NEEDED a picture of me on the Prime Meridian. Since Greenwich is only about a 2 hour drive from our house, we knew we could do it as just a day trip.

We ended up being ridiculously lucky with the weather on the Saturday we went—it was sunny, and even relatively warm. We even got a little bit sunburned—in England—in April—go figure! I thoroughly enjoyed finally checking the Prime Meridian off my list, and we also liked walking around some of the other areas of Greenwich. The National Maritime Museum is there (and free), there is a neat market there, and Madeline’s favorite part—a really nice kids’ playground. It was a really nice day, so much so that Madeline wants to go back!

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Famiglia Rogers said...

BEAUTIFUL PLACES! We need to talk! We are moving to Indiana in a couple of weeks...great PhD offer. We just had our 4th child 6 weeks ago, another boy...ARE YOU EXPECTING? This is a rude question to ask sometimes but I think you could be....I LOVED the cruise you guys went to...HOW FUN! I read most of the have seen pretty amazing things! WOW!
Anyway...sorry for leaving such a long comment...I haven't visited your blog in a while...since before the baby was is truly CRAZY around here.

we'll talk soon!