Monday, April 5, 2010

Yes, it’s true. I’m pregnant. In fact, by the time I’ve gotten around to posting this, it’s hardly news anymore. I’m already 5 months along, and my husband has already gotten the news he wanted—it’s a boy. Now if we could just agree on a name before the poor kid is born…

It’s definitely different the second time around. I had way worse “morning sickness” this time. It kicked in just as we got to my parents’ house for our Christmas visit. So I was miserable and useless the whole time I was with my family, and couldn’t even enjoy all the American food I was surrounded by!! Talk about unfair… It only finally started to subside by the time I was several weeks into my second trimester—just as the heartburn kicked in.

I’m also showing more and sooner than I did with Madeline. So much so that before the first ultrasound at 12 weeks, I had several people wondering if it could be twins. Thank goodness, it’s not.

Probably the biggest non-physical difference is just that I really don’t have time to focus on the fact that I’m pregnant. To be honest, it doesn’t really even seem real that we’ll have another rugrat running around. I’m so busy with Madeline and everything else that’s going on (see following posts) that I just don’t really have time to think about it. It’s probably just as well—this time I KNOW what I’m in for: no illusions. So I don’t have too much time to dread the lack of sleep, crying, diapers, etc. that are coming all too quickly!!

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Amy said...

Congratulations!!!! I read all of the posts you just added -- wonderful that you were able to see so many additional places before you move back. Good luck to you! Are you moving to Peoria?